In Charge of a Team? What to Remember

In Charge of a Team? What to Remember

As a manager, you would be an integral part of a team and it is your responsibility to lead them effectively. There are several qualities, which are necessary in a good manager. Objectivity, understanding and trust are a few. Here are some tips, which you can use to manage your team effectively:

Be More Understanding:

Managers should always keep in mind that people get tired, break down, and can make irrational decisions and demands. The employees at any company are a constant conflicting melting pot of attitudes, perceptions and emotions. A manager should always be ready to listen, work through problems that the team members face and be ready to make concessions for them.

Delegate Work to Team Members:

Delegation is the key to success for any good manager. Along with handling complete tasks to your team members, it is also important to consult them and take their advice when required. Don’t feel obligated to make all your big decisions alone. It is important to keep in mind that any project becomes a reality because of the hard work of your team. Be careful to give credit where it is due. Most importantly, show your team members you trust them by delegating tasks to them.

Don’t Forget that You Can Make a Mistake Too:

Never forget that you are not invincible and you can make a mistake too. If you are the one to make a mistake, you must own up and work towards fixing it. But if someone on your team makes a mistake, then analyze the problem and come up with a solution such that the mistake doesn’t happen again.

You will have difficult decisions to make in your role as a team manager. It is important that you make them objectively for the success of your team. This will also help you win the respect of your team. 

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