Technical Job Interview

Coming Out with Flying Colors from a Technical Job


Generally in IT industry, an interview is usually divided into three broad sections: telephonic interview, face to face technical interview, and personal interview.

Telephonic Interview

telephonic interview is often the first step. In this phase of the interview process, a preliminary match is made between job profile and candidate. Aspects such as job location, job expectations and responsibilities, hours of work, pay package, benefits, promotion, over time and career development are also discussed in phone interview.

Personal Interview

While phone interview is the first step in the selection process, personal interview is often the last step. It usually involves asking non-technical questions to determine the attitude and personality of the candidate, and introducing him to management personnel and the actual work environment.

Technical Interview

For a majority of companies, technical interview is the most important tool for determining the suitability of candidates. While some companies prefer to conduct technical interviews over telephone, others conduct it in person. The level of difficulty also differs from one company to another. For instance, if a firm has a large number of applicants for a position, the technical interview in such a case is likely to be rigorous. The interviewers may go beyond the requirements of the position and check the depth of the candidate’s knowledge. However, some companies may be satisfied with basic technical skills and job specific knowledge.

There is no single sure shot way of acing technical interviews. It is recommended to inquire about the topics for the interview beforehand, if possible. Finding out more about the technical interview style can also be helpful. For instance, it can provide an idea whether the interviewers are likely to focus on work experience or subject knowledge. Commonly technical interviews are likely to include basic questions, multiple choice questions as well as what-if scenarios or case studies. Having knowledge about technical interview style can be crucial in preparing for it and coming out at the top.


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