Some Thoughts on Starting Up

Some Thoughts on Starting Up

It seems there is a constant warning against the next stage.  In school, transitioning from elementary to middle school, teachers warned “Things are much different at the next level.”  We all felt wildly daunted, then upon entering school we were shocked to see how simple the transition was.  Leaving middle school we received a similar admonition.  ”Things get much harder,” yet they never seemed to reach the Olympian struggle we were told.  Recieving a promotion, you sometimes hear similar warnings: it is much more challenging the further you progress.

Jumping from the world of traditional employment into the many new facets of self employment, you may be faced with similar sentiments.  It can take a lot of will power to not allow this to intimidate you.  Keep your head held high, these steps will be easy too.


Many people throw these kinds of barbs around out of jealousy.  It’s a strange part of human psychology, but when someone is doing something that you lack the courage to do, rather than cheering them on people often try to tear them down.  Keep this in mind so you can truly appreciate the great things other people are doing, and so that you can avoid the jealous attacks of those less courageous than you.

Keep Looking Forward

You’ve shown yourself you can overcome other hurdles, there is nothing different about this one.  Rarely are we ever promoted to challenges we cannot overcome.  Strange, but true, you’re going to be ready for – if for no other reason than you have to be.  Trust yourself and keep looking forward.  When you’re running a race, you can’t take the time to stare at your feet.

Learn on the Go

I think this is true for just about everyone – always have a notebook with you.  Take down names, ideas, new products, client information, special needs, grocery lists.  When you’re starting off, you’re going to be overloaded with new information, potential leads, new contacts, all sorts of goodies that no-one could keep track of.  Do yourself a favor, take notes.

Rev that engine, friend, you’re off into a brave new world.  Don’t let others get you down, and make sure you keep paddling forward.


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