“Delivering Revenue Through Thought Leadership”

“Delivering Revenue Through Thought Leadership”

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Delivering Revenue Through Thought Leadership

On-Demand Book Publishing, The Next Wave; It’s amazing how much credibility is generated by a book, both for the author and for the content. Read the Who, What, How, When, Where and Why of on-demand book publishing.

The key question often heard is, “How do I create a book that’s timely and relevant to my target audience?” The answer can come from the new generation of publishers that allow you to outsource the writing and creation of a book similar to how white papers and other marketing literature is created today. That said, many chief marketing officers had the following comments when asked about creating a book or book series:

  • “We don’t have the bandwidth.”
  • “We can’t do it quickly enough.”
  • “It costs too much.”
  • “There won’t be enough people who want to buy it.”
  • “We’re not sure we can make it successful.”

These comments reflect the old world of publishing where it takes too long, costs too much, and requires artificially high sales rates to be considered successful. On-Demand book publishing has changed the rules!

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