Jobs of the future

Jobs of the future

Jobs of the future

Jobs of the future
Date: April 25, 2012Author: J&C TeamShare:Email to friend

We take a look at the industries set to provide new sources of employment in the future – creating original positions that will cater to the growing demand for sustainable energy, technological development and healthcare breakthroughs.

As the world changes due to environmental crises and developments in technology; the job market will need to adapt accordingly. Major global concerns are focussed on the energy, manufacturing, technology, and health and medical industries, which means the businesses and individuals that can facilitate combating such problems will be at the forefront of employment. Although these new demands may result in the dwindling of particular industries, it means that these growing industries, which offer the jobs of the future, will be a large source of employment over the next decade and going forwards – so not just you, but your descendants as well, may find work here…

Green employment

Cutting carbon emissions and protecting the environment is one of the top global priorities. With concerns over climate change and global warming, making our global energy sources sustainable and cost-effective is imperative. Current developments in solar, wind and other such renewable energy sources are demonstrating the possibilities for the future. As a result, a plethora of jobs will be established in order to cope with not only the running of these new systems, but also the maintenance of them. The demand for solar-panel installers will dramatically rise, as more and more homes seek to lower their dependency on gas and electricity – especially with energy suppliers’ rates continuing to increase. At a more managerial level, the emergence of positions such as sustainability officers will flourish into a larger profession, which will be responsible for examining supply chains and ensuring that global suppliers reduce their pollution levels to in turn decrease their negative impacts on the environment. The duties of these officers may also cover overseeing a company’s carbon footprint – to make sure they run their business in an environmentally friendly way.

In a similar capacity to the aforementioned renewable energy-based positions, the demand for electric car developers, engineers and mechanics will vastly increase. With the carbon output of petrol and diesel-fuelled cars continuing to cause worry globally, electric cars will become more readily available and provide a more economically viable option to traditionally fuelled vehicles. A variety of jobs connected to the electric car and its development will thus be created – with manufacturers requiring specialised expertise to ensure the latest innovations for the cars. These uniquely designed engines will need qualified individuals to maintain the systems – and even petrol stations will require electricity sources to cater for the growing number of users with electric cars. It is predicted that eventually charging stations will replace petrol stations – but we’re probably decades away from that.

Medical and health industries

Progressions in genetic modification and biotechnology will be at the forefront of health research and drug development, which means that roles such as genetic researchers and scientists will be in high demand. An example of what such research might include is the extraction of DNA from one species of plant or animal and its insertion into another, the growth of insect-resistant plants, and as a result minimising global starvation could become a reality. Other such developments within the industry include the medical field, with employment in human stem cell research – which aims to cure cancer and Parkinson’s disease – an expected area of growth for the future.

Now more than ever people are interested in the nutritional value of the food they are eating and where it has been sourced. Therefore, roles as such personal food shoppers will be jobs of the future – who will instruct individuals how to best reach and maintain their recommended daily allowance for vitamins and nutrients, as well as guiding them in their product choice, in relation to food-miles and the sourcing of organic goods. With obesity a global health issue, the market for personal food shoppers or dieticians that can advise people on healthy meals or diets, research recipes and products offers will increase.

Virtual technology

Advancements in technology continue to benefit our personal and business lives. One next step for software and product developers will be related to augmented reality (a live view of the physical world that has been replicated virtually by a computer). Building on the touch technology used in products such as Apple’s iPad and the motion-control aspect of Nintendo’s Wii console, the jobs established will involve creating virtual realities or worlds for entertainment or business purposes. For example, borrowing from the 2010 film Inception, positions such as digital architects who are responsible for designing and developing virtual buildings for advertisers to market their products and services in, may become available. This marrying of digital technology and marketing and advertising will be a strong area of development in the future – with virtual reality becoming an exciting area of expansion for businesses.

By 2020, a range of industries will be forced to change, merge or decrease in size in order to deal with global demands for sustainability. However, where some will be in decline, others will blossom and expand in an attempt to cater to these modern problems or gaps in the market. These, and many other jobs of the future, will be critical to ensure a sustainable future for the world.


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