Career Mistakes that Can Cost You Dearly

Career Mistakes that Can Cost You Dearly

You may be comfortable with your current professional situation, but change is a way of life and you are sure to come across ups as well as downs. When faced with professional choices, poor decisions can put your position at risk, regardless of whether you an intern or the boss. If you look around, you will find a number of examples of people who seemed to be at the top of the game but disappeared suddenly. This is not uncommon. Being able to identify the signs that indicate that you are setting yourself up for career downfall can help you avoid it.

Major career blunders often have very little to do with routine activities. Such mistakes usually start off small and keep worsening with time. If you are unaware of the signs, you are unlikely to notice them for a long time. The signs indicating that you are headed for the path leading to frustration and disappointment include:

You believe that you are invincible: If you are too comfortable in your job, something is not right. People who start thinking that they are invincible and that things are sure to remain unchanged are headed for definite disappointment. If you avoid taking up new challenges and reject creative criticism, it may be time for some serious self-reflection.

You don’t update your knowledge and skills: In today’s rapidly changing environment staying up to date with the latest technology and new trends is essential for career development. Those who ignore this are most likely to be replaced by a new technology or a more capable person.

You are burned out: If the mere thought of your job tires you mentally as well as physically, you are most probably burned out. In such a case, a change of assignment, a class or a vacation can be helpful. 


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