4 Great Free Consulting E-Books

4 Great Free Consulting E-Books

E-Books have dramatically changed the game of advice giving.  People with experience are no longer inhibited by publishing houses and can easily put their thoughts into the field at large.  A veritable cornucopia of subjects and angles are presented online.  You are given the ability to choose between whose voice you agree with.

While most e-books are low-cost compared to their published cousins, the e-book revolution has also made it possible to have free content delivered in large quantities by respected thinkers.

Become the Expert in Your FieldRoger Wyer

This book focuses on building a brand of credibility and success.  Based on the premise that credibility is synonymous with expertise, the book guides you through while providing worksheets.  Wyer believes that if you read the book and truly apply yourself, you will increase revenue via your footprint in your industry.

Million Dollar ConsultingAlan Weiss

The free-bible of consulting, Million Dollar Consulting is a phenomenal resource for advice on building your business.  While the title is obviously a hyperbole – we can’t all make millions – the advice is sound.  If you follow his advice, Alan Weiss will lead you to big business.  This is a ‘technical’ book with well founded advice.

Free From Corporate AmericaJonathan Reed

Anyone engaging the life of a consultant is inherently an entrepreneur at heart.  These are people who want to be successful, but don’t want to be beholden to the whims of a boss.  Free From Corporate America is a book that encourages – and offers practical advice for – making it in this competitive market on your own terms.

The Making of a Consultant Sylvester Hwenha

This book is not so much aimed at start-up consultants, but instead at those who have already made the jump and are looking to hone their abilities.  Managing a career in the consulting world can be difficult – we lack overarching guidance of other more traditional careers.  Hwenha helps in this excellent read.

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