Alignment in the World of IT Consultants

Alignment in the World of IT Consultants

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How to Grow Your Business with Social & Content Marketing

Everyone knows that social is important. But how do you use it to drive sales through the roof?

Learn how companies are leveraging social and content marketing to grow their businesses. Join their webinar to learn from the best industry thought leaders. Bill Macaitis, SVP of Online Marketing at, and Mark Roberge, VP of Sales at HubSpot, unite to deliver an eye-opening presentation about the social and content layers shaping up successful marketing efforts.

Date: Thursday, July 26th at noon EST

During this 60-minute webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify what metrics businesses should measure
  • Use content and social media to build deeper relationships with prospects
  • Grow your social database using remarkable content
  • Obtain social data that helps you better understand your audience

Geographic Eligibility: USA

Offered Free by: HubSpot, Inc.


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