The Advantages of Posting Resumes on Job Boards

The Advantages of Posting Resumes on Job Boards

Looking for a job can be an emotionally draining, time-consuming experience. While you can still look in the newspaper’s want ads and call individual employers one at a time to set up interviews, it’s not an efficient use of time or resources. Posting résumés on job sites offers several advantages that will vastly increase the chances of landing your dream job.

There are several different kinds of job boards. They can be local, regional, or national. They can be general, catering to all fields, or they can be specialized. For example, Media Bistro caters to the media industries such as journalism, public relations, and graphic. General listing job boards are useful if you are looking for a non-specific job but if you are trained in a given industry, using a job board designed for that market can cut through a lot of clutter.

Job boards also let you tailor your résumé for specific jobs. If you have a range of IT skills, say Java developer but also have a background in data security, you can prepare résumés for each job that highlights your experience to that particular skill set.

Please note: tailoring a résumé does not mean padding or taking creative license with your background. It is crucial you be honest and accurate on your résumé because employers will check. With more applicants than there are jobs, employers are in the driver’s seat.  And with so many qualified applicants around, character is one of those intangibles that now count even more as a way to sift through prospective employees.

Tailoring a résumé simply means highlighting your skills and experience as they pertain to a particular position. Mostly, it’s a matter of presentation so that a prospective employer can immediately see why you are a good fit for the job.

Another advantage of job boards is that you can use national sites that post listings from all across the country; some also include international opportunities. If you are tied to a certain locale, a national site may not be necessary, unless you are seeking a job suited for telecommuting.

Finally, industry specific job boards can save you time. Rather than combing through hundreds of listings that don’t match your interests or skills, online job boards enable you to narrow your search to specific positions. This is especially useful if your skills are highly specialized.

While job boards cannot guarantee employment, they are a great tool for maximizing your time and efforts.

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