Why Should We Hire You? – The Interview Question Answered

Why Should We Hire You? – The Interview Question Answered

This question is asked in many interviews and it is actually an accurate version of the traditional ‘Tell me about yourself’ question.  Answering this question can be really easy if you follow this quick advice.

Many people may get a little nervous when they hear the question ‘Why should we hire you?’. Because, this question is very straight forward and reflects what they really want to know from the answer that you would give for the good old ‘tell me about yourself’ question.

But there is nothing to get nervous about this. For an employer, the purpose of any interview is to know what makes you the best candidate for the job.  He can get this answer by asking you a series of questions, by going through your resume, by looking at your attire and body language and more.. But when the interviewer also wants to hear your sales pitch on this and wants to give you an opportunity to explain why you are the best candidate, he asks you, ‘Why should we hire you?’.

This question has to be replied without a single sign of insecurity. Neither can it sound egotistical. If you had looked inside you and had already come up with an answer for this question during your interview preparation, then your answer will definitely sound natural, impressive and polite.

Say about your skills, your past achievements, your knowledge and how you can put all these together to fulfill your job’s requirements and meet the challenges in the future. This is exactly what the interviewer wants to hear.

Look at this answer from a database developer:

“My 3 years of solid experience in database development and my certifications will enable me to hit the ground running on my project from the day one. I can learn things quickly which will be an additional advantage. Above all, I am much interested in this position and confident enough to meet the challenges in this job”

You can make the answer a little longer but don’t cross the line; nothing can be more boring than a speech, if it gives more than what is needed.

However, no matter how good you are, if you don’t seem to be the right match for the job, you may not get the job.. It is important to carefully go through the job description and emphasize the things about you that match the job requirement.


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