7 traits to acheiving your dreams amwriting inspire





We all want to be happy and achieve our dreams. Trouble is happiness and success is such hard work. What if you could focus your energy on doing a few easy things that would let you be the best you, you could possibly be? Try these tips and let me know what you think. If you could add to them anything that might help others achieve their dreams that would be great. I welcome comments below.  

1. Courage ~ realizing your biggest dreams takes hard work. Sometimes you might have to work a whole lot to achieve your dream. That is why courage is necessary. It’s easier to persevere towards your goal if you can get yourself to never give up.

2. Self-control ~ it can push you to keep going even when your goal seems far away. This goes for weight loss, career change or even a relationship you want desperately. People who practice self control are less depressed, have stronger bonds with people and struggle less in something they want to achieve.

3. Eagerness ~ people who are eager to win, succeed faster than those who merely keep the status quo. Eagerness shows ambition and potential to supervisor, trainers and others you might be looking to empress.

4. Optimism ~ when you believe that the best always lies in front of you, you have a better chance of living your dreams. If you always have faith that good things are bound to happen, you will probably be more open to new opportunities. New opportunities give you more of a chance to live your dreams.

5. Love ~ reaching your true potential is so much easier when you are feeling loved and surround yourself with like individuals who show you love. Think about it, when faced with adversity, if you have a trusted friend or lover near you, the task doesn’t seem so unachievable.

6. Social Engagement ~ if you are the type of person to pick up on what people don’t say out loud and use your intuition to get to know others and their feeling better, you win their friendship 9 times out of 10. People want to feel understood. When you can make someone feel understood, you can have more allies in life and potentially achieve the success you so desire.

7. Gratefulness ~ fully knowing how amazing you are better equips you to give back to the world at large. When we say thank you, please and you’re welcome more often, people notice. Expressing gratitude to others, motives them to express gratitude to you. Appreciating others starts within yourself. Once you can appreciation your worth, you can give that gratitude back and others will flock to you.



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