What to wear at a job interview

What to wear at a job interview

Clothing can not only have an effect on the interviewer in terms of what impressions they develop of you, but the colour(s) you are wearing can also affect both the atmosphere in the room and your own state of mind.

The majority of people opt for black when going for an interview as it seems like a safe choice. Black is authoritative and powerful and can also make the wearer appear elegant, sophisticated and slim. However, it can also evoke strong emotions and so to avoid black becoming too overwhelming, try and team it with a flash of colour. 

A popular choice for suits and other outfits is grey. Grey is inconspicuous and conveys an air of intellect and knowledge – something that would definitely come in useful during an interview! As a balance between black and white, this could be the perfect choice for an interview. 

The colour blue is universally considered to mean ‘trust’ and commitment. It is a warm colour which also allows you to inject some personality into your outfit. Similarly, green, pink and peach shades are great for instilling feelings of coolness and calm in the wearer and are perfect shades to compliment your black or grey suit. 

If you want to make a strong impression on your interviewer, you may want to think about wearing red – this is a symbol of dominance and confidence, however, like black, can often be overwhelming so don’t go overboard on this one. 

Of course, if you are keen to play it safe and want to let your personality do the talking, then simple white will leave you feeling fresh and neat and will go well with any suit! 

Many people forget that their hairstyles need to complement their clothing, so it’s a good idea to visit your hairdresser before a big interview for a bit of a tidy-up. Go for a hairstyle that is neat and professional and leave the hair dye at home for the day. 

If you usually like to wear lots of jewellery, try to keep this to a minimum for your interview, particularly if you have something a little less conventional such as facial piercings. These can often distract and you don’t want your interviewer focusing on them instead of listening to all the great things you have to say about yourself. 

Likewise, keep any tattoos you may have under cover, unless they are impossible to hide.



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