Testing Your IQ through This Japanese Game

Today, I want to share a really fun and challenging game which can test you capability. I first knew this test from my boyfriend and I luckily managed to solve it. This test came from Japan and it was said that this test is used by a company in testing job seekers who want to apply for a position.
The test is about a family consists of a father, a mother, two sons and two daughters. Along with them, there are one police officer and a prisoner in white-and-black-striped-lined outfit. All of them have to cross a river using a raft.
Now, our job is to cross every one of them safely to the other side of the river by using the provided raft with these conditions:
1. Only adults can ride the raft.
2. One raft can only carry 2 people.
3. Dad is not allowed left alone with his daughter without being accompanied by the mother.
4. Mom is not allowed left alone with her son without being accompanied by the father.
5. Prisoner must always be accompanied by the police officer because unless he is alone, he will harm the others.
This game has no time limitations. However, quicker you manage to cross all of them, smarter you are it means. If you can’t wait trying this test, click on this LINK and if you have already on the page, click on the blue circle button and you can start the test.
Have fun !!!!!Image
Post your comments if you know the answer!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Testing Your IQ through This Japanese Game

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