“Be Inspired”: 10 People Who Inspirit Me!

“Be Inspired”: 10 People Who Inspirit Me!



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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

For me, being inspired is important.

That is one of the many (many) traits that motivated me to marry Rob; he is inspirational. “He makes me want to be a better woman” – adapting a favorite Jack Nicholson quote from As Good As It Gets.

In recently very public posts, HERE and HERE, I’ve laid out Rob’s and my fitness transformation initiative that began January 2012. It’s worked, but not because I am so strong or disciplined–although, I like to think I possess those traits in some modest measure–but more because I am motivated. And, motivation emanates from within, and from without.

Today, I’d like to share some external influencers that rouse me to be more, try harder, embrace the process, be exhilarated by both small, and large, steps forward and simply who help me to feel confident that I can soar to new heights of contentment and life satisfaction.

Rob ‘muscling it up!’ : )

Those Who Motivate Me!

1. Rob PoindexterRob is my husband, my best friend and my heart. It is natural, therefore, that he motivates me to be more! His own fitness shift and physical and mental revamp is visually and intellectually invigorating. He also partners with me through our lifetime journey to become better individually, and as a result, each a better half of the whole.

2.SmashFit (Heather Frey). She writes, “Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.” I regularly read her “mojovational” wisdomHERE (on Facebook) and HERE (on Twitter).

3. The Biggest Loser contestants and trainers. Rob and I have watched this reality television show together for the past 2-3 seasons, end to end, cheering on the contestants and being inspired by their tenacity in achieving phenomenal weight-loss and fitness goals. Despite last season’s unseemly drama, the end results still astounded and motivated us.

The theme, “No Excuses” is one we embraced, and which propelled us to launch our January 2nd change effort. Perhaps our favorite contestant was Kim, a former professional wrestler who shed 118 lbs (trimming from 252 to a stunning 134 lbs). Her determination–and results–galvanized us!

4. Dr. Oz. His healthy living segments have helped enkindle our diets and helped us carve out new healthy living habits, from providing information on herbs and spices to food selection processes (including how to read labels for better decision-making) and much more!

5. My sister, Susan Barrett-Hensel, a baby boomer who likely would outdistance most gen-y’ers in the area of fitness. She exudes fitness. I admire and respect her dedication, discipline and passion.

Susan participating in the triathlon!

Her successful pursuit to complete a triathlon impressed me, and many others who follow her journey.

6 – 10. Several Facebook and Twitter pals: @CathyLowe,@CindyAusman@CarolynSmith, Suzie Kummins-Poirier (@AceConcierge) and  Chele Wells (@TheNetConnector) post regularly resonating, healthy, positive words and also support me in my journey. I aspire to their strength, physically and mentally. In particular, I’m inspired by their triceps, their abs and their energy as I climb the mountain to reach the pushups pinnacle!

In addition, I am a member of a private weight-loss mission group on Facebook, and I tip my hat to the four ladies with whom I exchange encouragement and insights intermittently. Because of the private nature of the assembly, I cannot thank them publicly, but if any of you are reading this, ‘thank you!’ for inspiring.

These are just a handful of the people who inspirit me to be more, to achieve more, to DO more every single day, in relation to my specific health goals.

When it comes to specific goals that you have been struggling to achieve, do you feel yourself falling a bit behind?  Whose motivational energy and insights might you tap to help compel you forward?

If you are looking for a health and fitness inspirer or career trainer and motivator to boost your goals forward, just look around you, people who are achieving the goals you yearn to achieve are everywhere. Tap into their energy and you can soar alongside them!



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