Brilliant thinking!

Brilliant thinking!

Want to work in an industry that is essential to everyday, an industry that has a massive impact on the world that we live in? The careers that are available in the energy and utilities industries are fundamental to the way we live our lives on a day-to-day basis.

Ensuring that the lights stay on, our streets are clean, we have running water in our homes and that we are kept warm, are all elements of the work that happens in the energy and utilities industries every day. And of course, there are many opportunities for employment in these varied industries.

Brilliant Thinking is a recruitment campaign that is driven by major employers in the energy and utilities industries. There are a variety of exciting jobs on offer all the way from apprenticeships in the power industry to graduate opportunities in the waste management and recycling industry.

Being part of Brilliant Thinking means offers jobseekers access to job opportunities with a number of these employers including the likes of: National Grid, Severn Trent, E.ON, Northern Power Grid and Cory Environmental.

The Brilliant Thinking website is a central hub of information for both individuals and employers alike. The campaign’s aim is to raise awareness of the industries as ripe with employment opportunities and it is hoped will increase the attractiveness of the energy and utility sector.

The Talent Bank hub also provides useful careers information including advice and guidance on making applications, a career planning tool and information on funding. As well as offering an online portal where current jobs and training opportunities are promoted on behalf of employers. An online registration facility enables individuals to register and receive information and job alerts when new opportunities arise.



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