Why Adding a Photo in Your Resume will Make a Difference

Why Adding a Photo in Your Resume will Make a Difference



Do you know that your photo could create any immediate impact whether they decide to hire you or not? Even though they may not have interviewed you? I know of some companies that hire candidates without even interviewing! They see the photo and say, start work tomorrow! How’s that for just putting a photo?

Now we could have a small problem. You might say, “I am not pretty or handsome, my photo is UGLY, the employers will not want to see me if I were to put my photo due to some reasons”  Well, what you perceive may be perhaps unreal….

Well, who say you are ugly? They are no UGLY people, there are just people who do not know how to take good care of themselves or invest in themselves to look better and presentable! I do not look like Tom Cruise but I am sure I can dress and act like him, right?

Why are people FAT? Because they OVEREAT! Just eat lesser and exercise more!

Tell you a secret, I used to be overweight by 20 kg and every time I look at the mirror I saw a PIG and one fine day I went the Singapore River and made a vow. I do not want to become a PIG again and I want to have a body like “Tom Cruise!” (What a great metaphor to make myself become thin!) From that day on, I exercise everyday and I continue to exercise today! When I look in the mirror now, I have waved “Good Bye” to the PIG.

Why are people not pretty or handsome? Because they did not make the extra effort to make themselves so! If you are willing to invest on facial, make-up, makeover and other little things that make yourself look much better; you will definitely become prettier or handsome, won’t you?

A pretty face will not come to you automatically. You need to search for it and preserve it! Do you know that those Miss Universe and Miss World are just ordinary girl next door who put on great great makeup, workout everyday and invest heavily to make themselves look stunning and slim? I have many candidates who are beautiful and handsome too and when I met them outside for lunch or dinner, they are just another plain gal or guy next door!

Of all the people that I have seen, I have never seen any UGLY person! It’s only how you perceive yourself, and it is what and who you think you are.

fat-pig-in-resumeIf you think you are the best looking person, your actions and attitude will gear towards it and you will be confident in whatever you do and do things that will make yourself look great. But if you think you are the UGLIEST person, your actions and attitude will do likewise and your confidence will then be rock-bottom. Basically you will not do anything to make yourself look better!

Think about it. Does it make sense or does it not? Do you think you deserve to be better than you are now? Let’s not allow those wrong “perception” stays with you. Get rid of them, erased them, throw them out of the window, put them in the recycle bin and empty it! You deserve to live a better life. You can be when you choose to be.

Become a better you, starting from NOW!

good-excutive-search-consultantDougles Chan is the recruitment Guru ,a Personal Mentor, Business Adviser and also a Web Sales Expert that assist clients in their business needs in recruitment and sales, specialised in creation of sales, leads and traffic in many industries including employment agencies, advertising agencies, gifting industry, education industry, training industry, software industry and many others. His clients comes from Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Germany and many other countries.

He is the author of Job Seekers Power Manual and recruitment agency manual – Financial Success in Recruitment Industry which had received tremendous praises from job seekers and CEO and Directors of companies all over the world.

If you are seeking for someone train and mentor you or to brand and create more sales and generate leads for your side, you can speak to Dougles Chan to see how you can use the latest techniques and technology to your advantage. He will be able to blend in the most effective way with the least cost to get things done at the shortest time. Dougles can be contacted at dc@dougleschan.com or you can contact him at +(65) 93880851


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