Focusing on Fresh Graduates

Focusing on Fresh Graduates



If your company is more into the “massive hiring” type then attracting fresh graduates is definitely the best strategy that you could implement in the company. One thing that you could do as recruiters is to have an “online” connection with fresh graduates since they are the ones who spend a lot of time online. Through establishing an online connection, you would be able to connect and communicate with them thus enticing them to apply to your company.

Here are some tips from Recruitment 2.0:

-Create a top-notch interactive graduate site that will get graduates’ attention and keep them coming back to your site. 
-Get graduates to your web site and then have them opt in so you can communicate with them.
-Use professors, lecturers and assistants at targeted universities to help get students to your graduate site. 
-If appropriate, “donate” your company’s products to universities.  
-Once students are on your site, keep them there and impress them with your blog, chat room, video feeds, podcasts, etc.
-You can use assessment tools to pinpoint top students, and give them special status as “fast trackers”.
-Create an e-newsletter to keep students up-to-date and create a positive impression of your company. 

 There is a common element in these tips and it involves bringing your presence to students and academic institutions in order to introduce the company and the opportunities that you could bring.


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