How To Customize Your Android Phone

How To Customize Your Android Phone

 Author: Chris Pastor 

The great selling point of the Android tablet and phone is its almost infinite customization possibilities when compared to the likes of the iPhone, iPad and Blackberries. When there’s anything that you do not like about an app, a characteristic or function then rest assured that there’s a large numbers of alternatives available.

Starting with the basic personalization options the initial thing you might like to do is change the normal wallpaper to something that resonates better along with your persona. To change the wallpaper you have to touch the ‘menu’ button and select ‘Wallpaper’ from the list of options. Then you’re able to choose any image on the phone and select it as the wallpaper. You can even touch and drag to highlight a distinct part of a graphic for the wallpaper. Don’t forget with all the connectivity options you can even copy images from your computer to your smartphone. If you still can’t find the right wallpaper there is a free application on the market called Backgrounds will give you access to a huge number of wallpaper images.

The next essential customization option is select a ringtone to something a tad more ‘You’ than the default ringtone. To change the ringtone hit the ‘menu’ button, touch ‘Settings’ and then go to the ‘Sound and display’ option. If you haven’t already done so, you could copy an MP3 to your phone and use it as your ringtone. To do this you need to create a folder on your memory card called ‘ringtones’. Copy the track you would like to use and Android is going to do the rest. When you need even more control of the ringtone you could download a free app called RingDroid. This app will enable you to edit an MP3 and save just that awesome chorus as your ringtone.

If your Android phone comes with a color LED you have probably noticed that it flashes if you have a missed call or message. It is possible to control the color of the LED to show a particular color for particular events. For example you could set it to blink red in the event you missed a call from your manager and blue if you missed a call from your friend. To pimp out the LED color, download a free app named Missed Call.

After the essential personalization is out the way you can begin diving a little deeper and customize your Android phone to your specific wants. One complaint some people have is the default messaging program. It is a little awkward and clunky. However, a number of developers have created alternative messaging programs that are more intuitive and contain more features. Handcent has established itself as the number one substitute for the default messaging program. Those who use it, swear they’d never go back.

Your next piece of customization you may want to examine is swapping the default virtual keyboard. While it is relatively functional it’s lacking some finesse, which is where the BetterKeyboard application comes in. You can add and remove custom buttons, modify the look and utilize a number pad if you’d like. If you are sending loads of emails or texts then BetterKeyboard is a strongly recommended customization for the Android phone.

Ultimately you may modify the home screen to display the information you want. The LauncherPro app does a fantastic job of this allowing you to have as many as seven screens. This is extremely useful if you use your phone to juggle business and personal work.

Prior purchasing a unit review some of the many Android tablet reviews online. Make certain you are purchasing a unit that is correct for you. Android tablet and unit reviews will expose the pros and cons of any unit. 


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