How To Achieve Your Specific Goals No Matter What They Are

How To Achieve Your Specific Goals No Matter What They Are


Posted by  on August 20, 2012 | 2 comments

For the past week I’ve been in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Breakthrough To Success seminar created by Jack Canfield. If you ever have an opportunity to see Jack Canfield speak or attend a seminar go – it literally transformed my life. Needless to say it was one hell of a week!

One of the topics covered in the 7-day seminar was goals, specifically how to write them and then how to make them reality. Part of that process is making them public. You could tell one person or many. I’m going for many.

Here are my goals, written as affirmations:

  1. I am enjoying looking at my monthly financial statement showing I made $500,000 after-tax income for Dempsey Marketing.
  2. I am gratefully looking at my financial statements showing we are completely debt-free.
  3. I am enjoying the stronger, more loving relationship I have with Kookkai (my wife).
  4. I am enjoying looking at my thinner and more tones 160-pound body in the mirror.
  5. I am enjoying the calm and relaxation I am gaining through weekly meditation.
  6. I am gratefully enjoying a 4-day Disney cruise to the Bahamas with Kookkai and Palamee.
  7. I am exhilarated to be working from my own office in Minneapolis, surrounded by people that share my vision of business and marketing.
  8. I am happily driving my new Fuji-white 2014 Range Rover Sport Autobiography with the Monaco Theme interior.
  9. I am gratefully looking upon the faces of the children benefiting from the library we’ve built in Plapak, Thailand.

That’s the short list :)

When writing goals you need to be very specific with what you want and when it will become a reality. Each of the goals I have written above have very specific dates and times they will be completed by. I’ve written them on index cards and review them 3x per day.

But it takes more than being specific – it takes a shift in mindset.

Gain Clarity, Get Specific, Think Ahead, Achieve Success

To help you create and achieve your goals, no matter how big they are,  I’ll be holding a goal writing workshop for Dempsey Marketing Tribe members on Wednesday, August 29th at 5 PM CST. During this hour-long online workshop you’ll find out how to write your goals, and strategies for turning thought into a reality.



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