Flash fiction: The future

Flash fiction: The future


by Jose Juan Gutierrez 

In the year 2050 a new generation of human beings is being born around the globe. They are very different from us, not physically, since they have the same identical, human, physical characteristics, that every other human being has, but their human qualities differ from us substantially: They know how to solve mathematical equations without having studied mathematics; their perception of matter is by far superior from the perception of the past generation; they use extra sensorial senses to better perceive this world; most of them have reached theAs the seconds pass by us, the past is left behind and the instant is just a life experience, which we can remember and remain with the best of it. We are left with the fact that we are advancing into the unpredictable future……..

universitary academic level at a very young age and before reaching their twenties they´re solicited by the most advanced technological institutes of the world.

Earth is highly contaminated and the world population has quadruplicated; the north and south poles still exist, but in a few years they´ll have completely disappeared, due to the high temperatures that now reach 100°. The oceans have flooded all the coasts around the globe, and people have moved to more inland cities.

Scientist have at last found habitable planets, but they haven´t been able to invent spaceships so fast as to reach the speed of light, nevertheless, in a high technology institute, they´re making big advances in teleportation, and this new generation of human beings has had a very active participation in the development of this technology. They say that they were teleportated to this planet to prevent it from destruction and that ordinary human beings have to learn to develop extra sensorial senses in order to escape this imminent process of self destruction.



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