Your LinkedIn Profile When You’re Unemployed

Your LinkedIn Profile When You’re Unemployed


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Krista Canfield, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at LinkedIn has suggestions: “If you’re currently unemployed list your current position as “open to opportunities.” If you just recently lost your job, make sure you update your status field in your profile so your network knows that you’re looking for a job. You can update it with, “John is currently looking for a finance position. Do you know anyone who’s hiring?” or “Sarah is interested in freelance opportunities. Let her know if someone in your network needs help writing or editing.” It’s a quick and easy way to let folks you’re connected to know that you could use their help.”

Krista also, noted that “One member of ours was unfortunately laid off so he updated his status to show he was currently looking for a new position. He was able to find a new job within seven business days of being laid-off because someone in his network knew someone who was hiring.”

It’s important for anyone job searching or growing their career, and who is out of work or currently employment, to use LinkedIn to job search. Review LinkedIn’s Back-to-Business Checklist for Job Hunters for tips that will help if you’re re-entering the workforce, changing careers, or if you’re laid off and are looking for a new position.

And here’s more on how can you ensure that you’re not missing out and you’re using the full power of LinkedIn to job search.



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