Managing job related stress

Managing job related stress


The fear of job loss has started affecting employees across all industries. With the Satyam fiasco, this fear has taken new dimensions. Employees are stressed out and this is bound to affect productivity.

Managing job related stress

The recent times have seen recession taking a toll on the Indian economy, especially for industries like IT and ITes whose work is directly affected by the US economic meltdown. Layoffs and the fear of job loss has started affecting employees across all industries. With the debacle of major IT firm Satyam, this fear has taken new dimensions. Employees are stressed out and this in the long run, is bound to affect their productivity, which may spell even more problems for the economy. Moreover, constant job-related stress can put people at risk for various emotional and physical disorders. Here are some tips that you may find handy in combating such job-related stress.


  • Set realistic goals and expectations at work: Take a stock of available resources such as time, manpower, infrastructure etc. to accomplish all necessary tasks. Also whenever and wherever possible, delegate, prioritize or schedule tasks in a manner that allows extra time for their completion.


  • Resolve conflicts: Conflict in work teams is not necessarily destructive, however it needs to be sorted out in a positive way, such as by talking in an objective, non-accusatory manner, calmly, politely and rationally. Focus on the situation and facts, avoiding gossip and personal attacks.


  • Balancing one’s personal and work time: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Achieving this balance is very important because being constantly focused on work can end up lowering workplace productivity due to burnout from overwork. Take an occasional break, spend your weekends with your family to re-charge yourself.
  • Handling stress with right Attitude: “ To let stress dictate your life and chase out the enjoyment is like letting a foe dictate your schedule and forbid you to enjoy your work, family and friends.” Maintain a positive attitude. Read good books and be in the company of positive thinking friends, practice and enjoy good humour.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: This includes eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet, getting proper sleep and engaging in exercise as recommended by a physician. Also, avoid too much caffeine or alcohol or smoking.


  • Practicing relaxation: Techniques, such as breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, reflexology or attending a lecture / satsang can help reduce stress and improve positive energy.


  • Look for an alternative: Finally, if things in the present work place can not be changed, know that it is the time to look for another job, especially if it can help in reducing job-related stress as well as increase personal happiness and satisfaction.


These tips work very well in mild stress cases. However, for extreme cases, it is recommended that individuals seek professional help such as consult a doctor, a psychiatrist or other mental health professionals.

 Sundeep Kataria,

CEO, Advanced Corporate Services


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