In The Throes of A Career Transition? Think Wisely Before You Jump !

In The Throes of A Career Transition? Think Wisely Before You Jump !



Considering A Career Transition?

Career Planning, especially career transitions can be trivcky to navigate . Many people end up going round and round in circles never quite getting to the bottom of what’s really prompting the unrest in the first place.

Career transition questions often come around as a result of the career plateau . That is the tailing off of one’s professional  career at some point in their working life’s, that period of stagnation when we’re not moving upwards in promotional terms and we experience a lack of motivation and drive. Plateaus are often seen as  crossroads to get you on a more satisfying and fulfilling path but it can often be difficult to pinpoint what has led to such a loss of momentum and general disengagement in the first place.

Let’s face it as we grow in experience and maturity our needs change. In our twenties we’re full of a desire for achievement and advancement that has us measuring our progress with more money, benefits and promotion tags. In our thirties we’re naturally more about working smarter, expanding the professional network and focusing more on what we enjoy. It’s also a challenging time where we need to balance work demands with a changing home life. Our forties then bring about an altogether different set of challenges, often a time of reflection when we begin to consider whether we’ve actually outgrown our roles and the companies that employ us. We frequently experience a noticeable restlessness to live more fully, speak our truth and focus on what really matters. It brings a new tension to the employee/employer relationship and frequently leads one to reinventing one’s life and career as a result.Our ambitions shift and in this  transition period we often fall into the trap of changing companies and realising too late that its not the answer.

We actually need a radical overhaul, a brand new career transition!

Career transitions benefit from some careful planning.

Before taking that leap of faith into a new role  elsewhere consider these possibilities;

Upwards Is Not Always Best.

We live in a highly fragmented society where the rewards for being a specialist can be significant but having breadth of experience and a wide array of skills can be just as beneficial, if not, more useful in the longer run. Adaptability and a willingness to learn will always put you ahead of the pack and keep you working far longer .So before deciding whether resigning is the only option consider what a lateral move or responsibility for a new project may do for you in terms of broadening your skills and longer term employment choices.

Understand What’s Driving The Stagnation.

Reflection and introspection provides real  insight to those deeper questions so take the time to examine what’s driving this career plateau;

Is it a lack of internal motivation ?

Or a lack of extrinsic reward?

Does energy depletion and exhaustion have anything to do with it ?

Next comes an honest assessment of what’s behind these aspects, perhaps a punishing commute, a changing regime and a boss who has been curtailing your independence, sour grapes that you’ve been overlooked again, a general feeling of not being taken seriously and your opinion being ignored or perhaps values that are important to you  that are being constantly violated.  It’s likely there will be a combination of factors underlying this unrest.

It can be painful to acknowledge these truths especially if you’ve invested significant time and passion in your career, making sacrifices along the way to end up feeling like you’re in an alien place to the company you joined.

So  You Have Clears Answers…Now What?

Don’t Dismiss A Career Sabbatical

Whilst it won’t be for everyone, cash flow allowing, career breaks offer an excellent way to re-charge and reinvent ourselves. Career gaps revitalise in many ways as we often find ourselves travelling, volunteering or taking up a new passion which frequently leads to alternative sources of employment whilst restoring our zest for life.

Before Joining a New Company Seek Specialist Career Advice

If you’re clear that a change of company environment is all that’s needed then do your research properly and take some careers advice before taking the plunge. A good career coach can help you make the right choices for the long term and open up your horizons to a broad range of possibilities.

The Third Way.

Not for the faint hearted but self employment might be an option , particularly, if you’re looking for greater independence and flexibility in when and where you work. In this instance, freelancing or consulting as a contractor might just offer a relatively painless transition and halfway house  to a more rewarding and expansive career remit. If you’d like to explore what your options might be and find a more painless way to transition from career women to self employed business women then get in touch.




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