How a professional blog can help your career

How a professional blog can help your career


by KARALYN on JANUARY 16, 2011

Today I received an email from saying they had included me in their top 50 up and coming HR blogs. This got me thinking about why I blog. Is there any reward for writing late at night, researching topics, speaking with experts and reaching out to the blogging community? Am I mad? Probably, but I wouldn’t change it.

I’ve found writing a blog professionally and personally rewarding. The downsides have never been enough to discourage me. In the interests of not sounding completely like Pollyanna, I will touch on those at the bottom of this list.

1. Blogging brings people to me. Apart from checking my statistics, I have no idea who reads my blog, so when I get emails telling me people are including me in their top 50, or in a list of ultimate HR and career blogs, I get a little chuffed.

2. I have been headhunted twice as a result of this blog. I said no, but was tempted.

3. I have been approached for a TV audition as a result of this blog. That did not come off, but would have been amazing. There is no way they would have approached me if I hadn’t written this blog.

4. I have met amazing people in a global online community. I’ve never met them, but through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and now Quora, we’ve connected. People whom I have never met, support me. Most people who talk to you about social media say that it does not replace face to face contact. So true.However I do hold a special place of thanks for people who have helped me, without meeting me.

5. Blogging helps me clarify my thoughts and opinions. It makes me better at what I do, because I am always looking for ideas to share. In my space in the UK and the US in particular, there are some great writers out there. I will always read what they write.

6. I have a global audience of experts I can ask questions of, and they will respond.

7. Blogging and social media brings a level of accountability to my work. People when they read my blog can decide whether they want me to work with them, or not. When I meet people the biggest compliment they can give me is to say “I feel like I know you already.”

8. Blogging has helped keep me up to date some of the technology I”ll need in the future. I’ve gained a new bunch of skills I never had before.

9. Blogging is my permanent resume.

As for the downsides, there are a few.

1. It is really hard work – make that really hard work. As much as I try to launch online more than twice a week, life does (and sometimes should) get in the way.

2. Blogging can also feel like a bottomless pit of giving, especially when you’ve put your heart into something and receive nothing back. Most bloggers say that this is one reason they feel like quitting.

3. Blogging is my permanent resume. I sometimes change my opinions. One day this might come back to bite me.

Of course there’s more, but my day job is calling.

If you need any advice on setting up a professional blog, let me know.


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