Boom in the IT sector Adult Learning, Apprenticeship, Apprenticeships, IT & Telecoms, Qualifications,

Boom in the IT sector Adult Learning, Apprenticeship, Apprenticeships, IT & Telecoms, Qualifications,


IT Boom


There’s no two ways about it: finding employment in the current climate is tricky. And so, looking to industries that are undergoing growth and are therefore more likely to be requiring employees to meet that demand, is essential. And the broad web that is the IT industry is one of those according to new research.

The report, carried out by e-Skills UK, has revealed that employment in IT is predicted to almost double the UK average through to 2020. With 129,000 new employees needed each year to fill vacancies in the UK’s IT and telecommunications industry (a combination of new jobs and replacement of those leaving the sector).

Whilst the most significant growth is forecast for IT managers, software professionals and planning professionals, design and support roles are amongst those most advertised in the sector. The report also highlighted that there are a high number of positions openly advertised in the field, with more than 116,000 posted each quarter in 2011.

But what skills are in demand for these technical roles? SQL, C, C#, .NET, Java, SQL SVR, ASP, JavaScript, Agile and HTML according to e-Skills. So if those acronyms ring on dull ears, then you’ll need to get training!

IT and telecoms could prove an exciting opportunity for young people looking to grow a career says Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK: “With IT employment set to grow at such a pace, it is vital that we continue to invest in the skills of those working in technology, and create new routes for young people to enter exciting and challenging careers in the industry.”

As well as positions with IT companies themselves, remember that it’s a function that infiltrates into every organisation in a breadth of sectors; they all require IT support. Of course, industry-specific qualifications are essential if you want to carve yourself a career in IT, as is practical experience to back it up. Keeping abreast of industry developments and training is mandatory in IT, as it’s such a rapidly progressing industry.

Where next?

The Chartered Institute of IT offers a variety of entry-level and professional qualifications for those interesting in an IT or digital career.

City & Guilds provides both professional qualifications and IT apprenticeships.

Remember: IT and telecoms is such a diverse sector, that it will help to narrow down your potential career path. From social media to technical support to graphic design – these all require very different qualifications. Just a couple of the well-recognised qualifications available are Microsoft MCSE UK Training and Cisco certificates.





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